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Our Vision & mission
Our Vision

To be on top of home care and global medical services providers within standing world service organization

Our mission

Our Company (we care) is committed to provide home care medical service that meets the needs of all categories in community with competitive efficiency, Compatible with modern medical developments and in accordance with the medical quality standards and strengthening the community partnership to serve and development of the environment.

Who we are

Home care medical service that meets your needs

Medical laboratory

We provide home visit through out colaboration with Medical laboratory that arrange every thing for you incluing sample withdrawal and sending the laboratory results for you through our application


Physiotherapy service includes dealing with respiratory diseases, diseases of the elderly and children, bones and nerves after the physiotherapist's assessment  to case  and development of appropriate management program.

Pre and postnatal Care

Provide special care for mothers during pregnancy helping mothers how to deal with minor problems associated with pregnancy, calender an appointments to doctor visit, and provide health education about risk signs and symptoms during normal puerperal period.

Special Care

Providing specialized nursing care, which includes electrocardiogram, making inhalation sessions by (oxygen) using advanced medical equipments, and accompanying patient to and from home during medical investigations.

Wound Care

Provide specialized nursing care, including various wound dressing that is permitted to be done at home, which includes diabetic foot wounds, bed ulcers, post-operative wounds, burns and artificial openings under medical aseptic teqnique.

Advanced Care

Providing advanced nursing care by highly skilled and experienced nurses, including dealing with urinary catheterization, tube feeding and enema.

Basic Care

Providing specialized nursing care, including administration of prescribed medication, intramuscular and intravenous injections, measuring vital signs, providing personal and incorporeal care to patient for periods ranging from 3hrs to 12hrs.


Providing nursing care by specialized nursing team with expertise and skill in intensive care using advanced clinical monitoring devices that is permitted to be present at home.

Strategic goals

1. To provide specialized home staff at highest level Compatible with quality standards to meet the needs of all categories of the community health.
2. To contribute in raising efficiency of medical service locally and regionally.
3. To Provide the fastest home service correspond with various cases that is allowed to be at home.
4. To contribute in raising health awareness of community and correcting wrong practices that cause many diseases and complications.
5. To compensate shortage caused by small number of health care providers.
6. Completion of management and health care plans in the recovery stage after discharge from health institutions, and early detection of high-risk cases.
7. Spreading correct ideas for healthy and safe life to community.
8. Establish partnership and cooperation with all local and regional institutions that guarantee highest level of home care.

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